About the Toolkit

The National Prevention Toolkit on Domestic Violence for Medical Professionals is a multi-disciplinary project of the Institute for Family Violence Studies within Florida State University’s College of Social Work. The Toolkit is part of a broad-based effort to prevent violence in the homes of patients and the families of medical professionals, and to support healthy families and communities.

The goals of the Toolkit are:

  • To provide medical professionals with essential knowledge about the public health crisis of domestic violence
  • To provide medical professionals with information about the impact and types of domestic violence
  • To explain the importance of screening patients for domestic violence
  • To explain how medical professionals should ask patients about domestic violence, with an emphasis on safety, privacy, and compassion
  • To prevent domestic violence in the homes of medical professionals by providing information on risk factors, healthy relationships, and self-help resources
  • To provide medical professionals with information regarding mandatory reporting laws, community and national resources for victims of domestic violence, and ways healthcare agencies can help victims of domestic violence.

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These resources provide public access to general domestic violence information.

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For the purposes of simplifying language in this toolkit, the term domestic violence will be used to define violence by one intimate partner against another. The federal Lautenberg Amendment which will be discussed in depth later, also refers to the crime as domestic violence. Links to specific state laws addressing the crime as it is identified in each state are provided in the Resource Site.