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The National Prevention Toolkit on Domestic Violence for Medical Professionals

This online training, The National Prevention Toolkit on Domestic Violence for Medical Professionals is a project of the Institute for Family Violence Studies within Florida State University’s College of Social Work. With a generous grant from the Verizon Foundation and under the lead coordination of Karen Oehme, J.D., Institute Director, Zachary Summerlin, Program Manager, and Ember Maselli Urbach, Project Coordinator. The National Prevention Toolkit leads a broad-based effort to address the public health crisis of domestic violence and promote screening for domestic violence. The entire project supports healthy families and communities.

This project would not be possible without the support and guidance of a multi-disciplinary team of medical professionals and domestic violence advocates from across the United States. Many partners have been involved. Our medical partners include: Suzanne Harrison, MD and Joedrecka Brown, MD (Florida State University, College of Medicine), Bracken Burns, DO (University of Florida Health Jacksonville), Rebecca Melvin (University of Florida Health Jacksonville), Major Darryl Hall (Leon County Emergency Medical Services [EMS]), Susan Swart (Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing), Maryellen Ounihan (Orlando Fire Department), Matt Graves (Nassau County Fire Rescue), Dir. Stephen Wolfberg (Martin Health System), Captain James Trube (Tequesta Fire Department), Denise Griffin (Wakulla County Fire Department), Jerome Ruffing (Manatee County EMS), Julie Downey (Davie Fire Rescue), Dir. David Richardson (Baker County EMS), Mauren Novak, MD and Donald Novak, MD (Shands), Karen Novak, RN (Plymouth Harbor Hospital), Karen Estrada, MS (Military Health Matters), Kaylan Hutcherson (University of Illinois Fire Services Institute Library),Deborah DeBare (Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence), Quillin Drew Musgrave (Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance), Dir. Leana S. Wen, MD (George Washington University), Amanda Beckmann, RN (The Peach Project), Judy Debray (Alabama Medical Association), Diane Ryzner (Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nurses), Emily Bell, RN, ARNP, Asst. Chief Rod VanOrsdol (Sarasota Fire Department), and Executive Director Diane Jeffery (Massachusetts Association of Registered Nurses). Our partners at Florida State University College of Social Work include research assistants Delaney Anderson, Abby Novak, Kayla Kirk, Melissa Ferraro, Carly Starkey, Reisha Williams, Christine Dusome, Cristina Batista and Sally Petterson. Our partners from the Florida State University College of Law include Chad Dunn and Nat Stern, JD. We would also like to thank our partner at the Verizon Foundation, Roselina Martinez.